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About us

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Bunny Binkyland is a small local home-based business specializing in rabbit-related Pet Services, Consultation, and Small Animal Boarding. Run by sisters and co-owners, Chrystal and Coral are bunny-obsessed animal lovers, advocates, and educators based out of Aurora, Illinois. 


Mission: Through education and joy, bring awareness of rabbit care needs, animal advocacy, and networking with bunny guardians, volunteers, rescues, exotic vets, and legislators to reduce the number of dumped rabbits in the Chicagoland area. 

"When you have a bad day and all you need is a rabbit snuggle, nothing beats the floppy loppy cuddle buns. "

"Everything you do is on their terms, but once trust is earned, they are fiercely loyal. It's so worth the patience needed!"

Coral, Co-Owner of Bunny Binkyland LLC, Bunny Guru, & Animal Advocate

Current Project: Bunny Binkyland Bible Rabbit Resource

Chrystal, Co-Owner of Bunny Binkyland LLC & Bunny Guardian In-Training

Current Project: Social Media Marketing Manager

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