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Future Goals for Bunny Binkyland

Bunny Binkyland officially became an LLC March 29, 2019! This is such a huge step as we can move from it being a hobby over the last 5 years working with rescues to a full fledged business. We are so excited to see the company grow so we can help more bunnies and hope you guys will prosper with us so we can continue to give back with in our community.

Our Goals for This Year

1. Become an LLC, Got our Licenses, and Insurance. We also created a business plan, mission statement, and decided on our company goals.

2. Create a Website and Social Media Presence with Company Branding, advertisements, and printables. Launch tee-spring store with 5 designs.

3. Publish Binkyland Bunny Bible Rabbit Resource & Care Guides

4. Partner with Companies/ Rescues; Plan Rescue Expo for 2020, Create Rescue Coupon Codes and Discounts

Our Goals for Next Year

1. Bunny Binky Rabbit Rescue Expo Easter Weekend- Our First Fundraising Event for Local Rescues

2. Launch Bunny Binkies Collectables by Winter 2020

3. Learn Bunny Resource- working on name. More about this as we get vendors and support.

Our Goals for 2-5 years

1. Launch Binkyland Monthly box subscription service for beginners, intermediate, and advanced bun guardians.

2. Bunny Binky Rabbit Rescue Expo each Easter Weekend & Launch new Bunny Binkies Collectables annually

3. Open a new Bunny Binkyland Location

These are HUGE goals and we might not make them, but hopefully we can make a positive impact while we try!

With Love & Binkies,

Coral & Chrystal

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