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Bunny Binkyland (BBL) FAQ

How do I pay?

We accept cash, check, PayPal, Square, Zelle, and barter options.

Cash- If possible, please prepay if using cash. If an updated invoice is needed, the remainder can be paid at pick up.

Check- Please insure your DL number, phone number is somewhere on your check. Add your bun(s)' name and date of stay in the memo line.

PayPal- Invoice with a link can be sent upon request via email or you can go here (we are working to add a button to our website.

Square- All estimates are now being sent via email using Square where you can accept the estimate, pay the invoice. We do also have a secure card reader for in person card payments.

Zelle- using our email address or phone number. We can also send a request from Zelle using your email or phone number upon request.

Barter- Send us an email with your offer. Barter option must be approved prior to pick up. If terms are not agreed upon, cash option will be required.

A receipt will be provided at the end of service. Final Payment is due at pick up unless payment plan is agreed upon prior to drop off.

What happens if I can't pay?

Please let us know as soon as possible. We may be able to offer a barter, volunteer work, or payment plan solution that fits your needs & budget. We are a small local business which is why we can be flexible.

Coming soon (Grant/ Pay-It-Forward Program where other people in the community can contribute to another person's bill). Interested in finding out more, sign up for our Bunny Binkyland Correspondence.

What if I don't pick up my rabbit as scheduled?

Please reach out to us as soon as possible if you need to extend your stay. A non-refundable deposit of 50% may be required at drop off unless otherwise agreed upon. If guardian does not pick up their rabbits on date agreed upon, a daily charge of up to $38 per rabbit may be added until rabbit(s) are picked up to pay for the costs of care and boarding of said animal. We reserve the right to hold the animal as lien until debt is paid at the cost to the pet owner. After 14 days past scheduled pick up, a rabbit is considered abandoned and may be relinquished to a local animal control or rescue. This also may affect your ability to adopt another rabbit.

Where and When is Drop Off/ Pick Up?

Where: 2301 Apple Hill Lane Aurora, IL 60506

General Pick Up/ Drop Off during the week is any time after 5pm. Anytime on weekends, please confirm time with BBL. We can set up a special drop off/ pick up appointment on a case by case basis pending availability.

(Please plan to spend 30 min to an hour to chat and answer questions before you leave them)

What should I bring?

We recommend you bring blankets that smell like them.  Fresh greens (though you can also purchase that as an add-on), Any treats you normally give them, Toys they enjoy (chew toy preferable), Any medications they are on, copy of their vet record 

What is provided by Bunny Binkyland?

They will be provided unlimited fresh Timothy Hay and water. Fresh greens and timothy hay pellets will only be provided selectively to reduce chances of GI Stasis (i.e during the bonding sessions). Generally speaking a measured amount of pellets is given twice daily per rabbit weight.

Your rabbit will be located in their own room or den away from any other animals. If you purchased a luxury condo option, they get an entire bed room to their selves. The room will have a large litter box, water bowl, a full room to play in with hidey boxes and tunnels. Dens are about the size of an XXL dog kennel or exercise pen, have a medium sized litter box, water bowl, and a den area for bun to feel safe away from prying eyes.

What happens if there is an injury?

While BBL does take steps to ensure no one is injured and we haven't had it happen as of yet, it may happen.  We will let you know immediately if there is an injury to your rabbit, how severe it is, and whether we recommend a vet.  If the injury is severe and/or we cannot get ahold of you, we will use our best judgment of whether or not a vet is needed, at the cost of the Pet Owner. 

Can I stay and watch my bun? Can I stop by on (insert day here) to check on them?

Sure! Feel free to hang out, chat, play with the bunnies. All we ask is that you give us a heads up on your plans and communicate with us during your stay.

Do you do tours?

Yes. Upon request, we are more than happy to show you the available room & den options. We do suggest you send us an email or text to set up an appointment.

Interested in meeting the Ambassibuns: Hagrid, Blanca, & Gunny?

We can accommodate small (quiet) groups to tour the Bunny Binkyland Ambassibun Den by appointment only during the weekend. Rabbits are prey animals. Therefore, we do ask for children to be chaperoned by someone 18 or older and that no one feeds the bunnies without permission from one of the Bunny Lackeys. If you want to go in and sit with the bunnies, we ask that you listen to any direction the Bunny Lackeys give you in regards to proper petting technique, where to sit/stand, and ensure that you wash your hands before and after touching the rabbits. Their safety and health is our priority. We may ask you to shorten your stay at any time for any reason.

Tips are always welcome and help pay for rabbit supplies, food, & vet care. We also accept donations.

Is BBL associated with any particular Rabbit Rescue?

The business is not associated with any particular rabbit rescues, but we do offer a rescue affiliate program for referring rescues.

To discount or donate?

We offer a 10% discount to any rescue that sends a referral in our referral program. You can use the 10% discount to get a great deal off the subtotal of the invoice OR we can send that 10% as a donation in your buns’ names to the referring rescue. Any additional donation for a rescue should be made directly to the rescue via the referral rescue’s website. Tips go to BBL and not the rescue.

NOTE: All opinions reflected on this website/blog are of the writer and not any rescue named. Check out our Rabbit Resource Center for a full list of Chicagoland Rabbit Rescues & Exotic Emergency Vets.

Coral, our Bunny Guru has worked with multiple local rabbit rescues as a volunteer and does currently foster for Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary. Any foster rabbits are kept downstairs in the Ambassibun Den isolated from any Rabbit Resort Guests which are located on the top floor.

What types of services do you offer?

Not all services are listed on the website due to space and flexibility. If you don't see a service listed just ask. At this time, the Rabbit Resort is for rabbits only. However, we are open to expanding our Binky Checks to other critters and house sitting. Our public calendar books quickly, click here to see our availability!

We will add more questions and answers as you submit them.

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